George Nader was conceived in Pasadena, California. He knew since early on that he needed to be an entertainer. His graduation was finished from the Occidental College in Theater Expressions. Subsequent to serving time in the US Navy, Nader concentrated to acting.

His first execution was with Pasadena Playhouse Theater. This is additionally where he met his deep rooted accomplice Mark Miller. Nonetheless, Miller realized that Nader was the person who might be a star one day and yielded his acting profession to get little employments so as to pay the bills.

After months and long stretches of battles with numerous good for nothing jobs in various motion pictures and TV appears, Nader at last handled his huge break with Universal Pictures. This is likewise where he met Rock Hudson. Nader, Miller and Hudson before long built up a solid benevolent bond which remained solid till the end.

Actually, a newspaper ‘Private’ took steps to defame their names for being in a gay relationship. Actually, Nader and Hudson were carefully dispassionate. Hudson experienced AIDS and amid his diminishing days, Miller and George Nader together breast fed him and dealt with him.

Upon his passing Rock Hudson granted his home to both Miller and Nader. This is around a similar time in mid 81 when Nader and Miller turned out openly with their homosexuality. Shockingly, after this Nader totally vanished from general visibility.

George Nader’s last open gathering of people was in first Annual Palm Springs Film Festival where he got an overwhelming applause for ‘No place to go’. In a matter of seconds a while later in under a year George Nader passed away. His fiery debris were dissipated to the ocean after a tranquil and private service. At present, there is a cenotaph devoted to his memory in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Cathedral City (Palm Springs).